Kimberly J

Hi!  My name is Kimberly from Titan Sweets.  I absolutely love life and love baking.  Baking is my side car passion that typically takes place between the hours of 7pm-2am on weekdays.  I definitely choose baking over sleep.  Why?  Simply put:

  • Baking is a "No pressure pleasure."  It's just me and the kitchen (from time to time my family is allowed in too ;) )
  • Baking feeds my inner organizational geek-y-ness.  Baking has so many tools and ingredients that they literally scream at me to organize them on daily basis 
  • Baking connects me with so many friends and family.  Rule of thumb, family tastes first and the rest go out of the house to my now distinguished Titan Sweet Tasters!

Where did Titan Sweets come from?

My love, Ray, and I happened upon a Christmas miracle in 2014.  We literally found a gem of a property on Craigslist.  The land was clear cut in 2013 and was a steal of a deal.  Bare but beautiful with lots of peaks and valleys, a pond, two streams, and re-forested with 14,000 baby Douglas Fir trees!  It became ours in March 2015. 

So what does our little miracle have to do with Titan Sweets.  Well, believe it or not this property was once the home of an explosive manufacturer, Titan Explosives.  Yes, actual big boom explosives!  We love history so we decided to turn Titan Explosives into Titan Forest.

Our ultimate dream is to build our retirement home in Titan Forest with a small family orchard, Titan Orchards.  And you guessed it, future baked goods coming from my future dream kitchen, Titan Sweets!

Future family orchard, Titan Orchard.  Photo taken January 2017.

Future family orchard, Titan Orchard.  Photo taken January 2017.